Our Vision...

Our vision is to produce unique, transformational and authentic events, filling the need for businesses and consumers alike in the new age, spiritual and wellness industries.  One that carried with it value and integrity and would fulfill the needs of this community.

It all began in 2014 with our first event and guest speaker Gregg Braden and then progressing into Consumer Expos ie The Calgary New Earth Expo which has expanded to Red Deer, Edmonton and Saskatoon.

2019 has brought in a new event for us: The Calgary Medieval Faire & Artisan Market.  We're very excited to take on this new challenge and like everything else we do, all our efforts will go into creating this unique event. 

The success of our events is measured by how well the world perceives us. We have two clients, the exhibitors and the attendees. Once cannot exist without the other and both need to have an excellent experience. Only then is the show is a success.

Unique - Transformational - Authentic